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Gasket Material - Reinforced Non-asbestos Sheet
WLT-002 Reinforced Non-asbestos Sheet
The product is made of Non-asbestos Sheet that metal pressed and compounded by sheet stickiness,which is extensively applied in manufacturing various motor gaskets.It is a new material that will substitute asbestos products.The product has excellent performance in dilatability, sealing equality and long life etc..Mainly applied in automobile farming machine, motorcycle and engineering etc.,it is also can be used in high strength gaskets and cylinder gaskets etc..
  Standard size: 1000x1000MM, 1000x1200MM, 500x1000MM,
  Thickness: 1.0 TO 2.5MM
Technical Data:
Density,(Asbestos paper): 1.0~1.3g/cm3
Condensability: 30%
Elastic recovery: >35%
Sealing performance: <0.5cm3/min
Performance of heat-resistallce: >150-300°C

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