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Gasket Material - Flexible Graphite Tape
Flexible Graphite Tape
  This tape was cutted of flexible graphite rolls,Graphite tape filler for spiral wound gasket,
In-situ pump and valve gland packing, Manufacture of graphite packing rings,Facing material for camprofile type gaskets,Filler for metal jacketed type gaskets.
Also manufacture Crinkled Graphite Tape.
  Length for one roll:50M;80M;100M,120M
Test item Test result
Tolerance of thicknss : ±0.03mm
Tolerance of density : ±0.05g/cm3
Ash content : 0.42%
Carbon content : 99.30%
Tensile strength : 4.5Mpa
Compressibility : 54.73%
Resilience rate : 10.21%
Ignition loss 450°C : <= 1%
600°C : <= 20%
Chlorine content : 30ppm

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